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“This is the start of something big for this witty musical comedy that depicts real life to a tee...Writer, producer and performer Amity Dry has nailed it with Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life. This sassy, tell-it-how-it-is story seems so obvious it’s a wonder no one has thought of it before…. Dry’s creation magically traverses the lives of four very different women in a way that invites the audience to care for all of them for their uniquely adorable and sometimes irritating ways…

It’s no wonder this show made it to the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2013. It’s slick and snappy, with witty lyrics and belly laughs aplenty… Take your mum, your sister, your long-suffering husband or your best friend - to this entertaining and honest account of life as a modern woman. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5” 

Jo McEniery, ArtsHub

“This beautifully written musical explores the reality of marriage and motherhood…Where Dry has succeeded is in writing an endearing story that moves between lighter and darker moments seamlessly… Director David Lampard has delivered a show that carefully balances hilarity with poignancy. The funnier moments are appropriately over-the-top, while the darker moments are handled with tenderness and sincerity…

Mother Wife and the Complicated Life is a musical that Australia should be proud to claim as being home-grown, that has also succeeded on the international stage and Amity Dry has proven to be a truly talented composer, writer and performer. Let’s hope there’s much more to come. Rating: 5 Stars” 

Alison Hillbig, Theatre People

“Completing the rarely achieved task of writing the book, music and lyrics, Amity Dry displays keen insight and strong empathy for a range of characters at differing points of motherhood… The combination of intelligent songs and excellent performers creates abundant laugh-out-loud moments as the audience recognises and appreciates the characters’ situations. Given the potentially frothy nature of such entertainment, Dry bravely includes serious emotional moments that address some rarely spoken truths behind motherhood. The risk pays off with a deeper, more involving show that provides food for thought in addition to all the laughs.”

Simon Parris, Man in Chair

“If you’re lucky, you find musicals that are funny and endearing and speak to you on a personal level. This is one of those musicals. Amity Dry is extremely clever in not only writing music (some with Mark Ferguson) and lyrics, but in crafting a book which is largely vignette based and reminiscent of the revue styles of Nunsense and Menopause the Musical.

It’s a genuinely warm and witty show and great entertainment value. And how wonderful to be able to say that it’s entirely Australian.”

Carol Drouyn, Stage Whispers

“There's much humour in all of this but also a good-hearted realism about the physical realities of birth and babies and sexuality that the cast (and the audience) clearly relishes. It certainly deserves to find an audience who will appreciate its frankness, energy and fun.”

Alana Maclean, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times, The Guardian

“A charming, funny, and highly entertaining celebration of womanhood, Amity Dry’s Mother, Wife And The Complicated Life is a first-rate production and a great night out…The songs are frequently fantastic, showcasing the cast’s world-class vocals, whether soloing, harmonising, or singing in unison, all while dancing and advancing the story. These ladies are all triple threats and when the musical fires on all cylinders, as it does in the case of Bridezilla, I’ll Never and Breastfeeding Blues; it’s an irresistible treat…All in all, this is a show with guaranteed laughs and top-notch production that should not be missed.”

Matt Saunders, The Clothesline

2011 - 2014 Seasons

"With a fantastic pop score the show moved the audience from laughter to tears, as it poignantly touched on what it is to be a woman. If you are a Mother or a Wife, or have one in your life, you will love this incredible show."

Mary Kate Burke, Director of Programming, New York Musical Theatre Festival.   

“This show is a true gem. Dry has succeeded in writing an endearing story that moves between lighter and darker moments seamlessly, establishing herself as a highly credible writer/lyricist/composer/producer.” Theatre People

“Amity Dry has tapped into some home truths about the everyday lives of wives and mothers, and presented the humour, frustrations, regrets and sadness.

Stage Whispers

"Not since I watched Bridget Jones's Diary as a desperately single 30 year old (with a fondness for enormous granny pants and emotionally stunted men) have I identified so strongly with a story. Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life is hands down my favourite musical of all time because it so sublimely captures the joys of motherhood along with the moments that have us reaching for the wine ... Go see it. Then just try and wipe the smile off your face. It is nothing short of brilliant."

Rebecca Sparrow, Mamamia.com.au

“A chick’s night out, a celebration of female friendships and a laughing examination of girl power. At a time when new musicals all seem to be imported re-hashes of movies, this is a home-grown gem.”

Adelaide Theatre Guide

”Refreshing, honest and written from the heart.”

Carl D White, Tony Award Winning Producer, Martian Entertainment NYC

"Amity Dry's talent shines in this poignant and funny musical."

Natasha Stott Despoja, Social Commentator, Former Politician & Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls.

“Like a musical version of Sex and the City, there are parts of this show that everyone can relate to on some level, and each character is identifiable in some way. Amity's music is beautifully apt, commercial and catchy. Her sense of humour and sense of perspective make this a very special show, and you immediately feel uplifted having seen it.” 

Hayley Johnson, Power Arts 

“I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about ‘Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life’ and I simply cannot wait to see it for myself.”

Mia Freedman, Publisher, Mamamia.com.au

“The perfect life" is about being human, not "just" about being a woman. The play raises the everyday and puts words and pictures on fears and dreams that many of us know. This is our life. It is our struggle. Neither illness, death or accidents are recorded in this piece. All the really big crises are gone. Again we stand with the rest: all the evil - and all that good. The loneliness of believing that we're fighting alone and the hope that someone will catch us when falling.”

Karens Pusterom Norwegian blogger

“Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life tells the story of motherhood in the true spirit of the sisterhood; honest, raw, chaotic, realistic and bloody funny. It's the ultimate girls night out!”

Lucy Cornes, SheShopped.com

“Funny, poignant, sad and endearing.”

The Barefoot Review

‘‘I sat and absorbed what had been pitched as ‘Sex and the City’ for mums and was quietly impressed with this show.”

Db Magazine

“Highly recommended. Fantastic!”

Rip It Up Magazine

Great songs and outstanding voices, plus the total resonant truth behind it all, makes it universally appealing and entertaining."


"Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life deals with all the intricacies facing modern women - marriage, new love, divorce, work/life juggle, ambition and motherhood - with honesty, heart and sharp wit. The songs make you laugh and cry, the story resonates with you and the cast is sublime. Amity Dry is a much loved Australian performer and stage talent and for very good reason - she is a star. This is a must-see show" Bianca Wordley, Bigwordsblog.com.au

“During the show we are drawn into a whirlwind of career choices, children, relationships and love. Sometimes it’s almost a little embarrassing how recognizable the everyday life of these ladies is. Who has not known the uncertainty in relation to becoming parents? And why is nobody told how it REALLY is giving birth? Had I been able, I would have sung with them aloud.”

Norwegian review

Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life is the most important piece of live theatre I’ve seen in recent years.” Cindy Smart, Editor, South Kids Magazine.

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